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Bish Mubarak is an accomplished entrepreneur

Bish Mubarak is an accomplished entrepreneur in every sense. He has been working in the energy industry for many years now. Indeed, Bish Mubarak has been bringing her creativity to the energy industry for many years in many ways. The energy industry has richly benefited from his involvement. Mubarak has a certain skill for founding and managing companies that go on to become quite successful in the energy industry.

Bish Mubarak believes that his success in the energy industry can be attributed to two things—his high quality education and his personal values. Bish Mubarak was able to attend school at the University of Western Ontario, which is easily one of the best universities in all of Canada. This high quality education certainly set him up for success. Receiving a high quality education certainly boosted his chances of becoming a highly successful businessman. Additionally, he has the personal values that generally go along with being successful in business—determination, discipline, honesty, integrity, and drive.

Bish Mubarak has been able to found and then run several multi-million dollar businesses in the energy industries of Canada and the United States. The reason he has been able to do this is because of a keen business acumen that was developed through his life experiences and high octane education.

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